About us

Zavod Popotnik was founded in 2016 with the aim to promote sport as a tool for development in Slovenia. We are a group of young and energetic people that all have experience in the field of sport-for-development. By founding the NGO we aimed to build a platform to fully exert and bunch our potentials and engagement.

Zavod Popotnik

Our mission is to use sport and sport tourism as an instrument for positive societal and personal change. With co-operating with other organization and federations, we are implementing projects in the field of sport on the local and international level. Zavod Popotnik also co-operate with companies. Our co-workers are sports managers and project managers who may provide experience from the business sector as well. For companies we are organizing sports events, team buildings, conferences and promotion campaigns.

In the last two years, we have been more actively involved in international cooperation and project management. Our members have been part of several international projects through other organizations. They are particularly active in Erasmus + Sports projects.

Zavod Popotnik


Damjan Kuzma

project manager and director of Zavod Popotnik

Through the management of projects in the last 10 years that he has performed for major sports associations - Fitness Federation of Slovenia, Sokol Federation Slovenia), he has accumulated many useful and helpful experiences that he is happy to use in his work. As a project manager, he participates and coordinates the international Erasmus project Empowerment through Sport, which has been ongoing for the last two years.

Matej Jamnik

coach and researcher in the field of sports

I was born on November 5, 1961 in Ljubljana. Until 1986, I was an active basketball player, mostly at the Slovan Ljubljana Basketball Club. From 1987 to 2000, I actively participated as the head coach in the youth selections and also with the first team - mostly in the Basketball Club Slovan Ljubljana.

From 2000 until today, I have been working professionally as a professor of physical education at the University of Ljubljana. In addition, I led basketball programs at the University of Ljubljana - as Director General of the University Basketball League (interfaculty competitions) and as head coach of the men's and women's university basketball teams (3x3 basketball and basketball), which competed at national and international universities (EUSA).

Marko Meden

assistant project manager and graphic design

Srečko Ferlež

sports coach and public relations

Matic Milavec

IT support

Zavod Popotnik